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5 stars reviews nj eye doctor

Having this procedure done was one of the best experiences of my life. I have no complaints whatsoever. It is a great experience to wake up every morning without the need of eye wear. Excellent doctors, nurses and staff.

Victor M.

5 stars reviews nj eye doctor

Pleasant staff both at doctor's office and surgery center. I felt very much at ease and confident in entire procedure! The actual surgery was quick with almost no discomfort. I recommend the Santamaria Eye Center whole heartedly.

Barbara C.

5 stars reviews nj eye doctor

I am so delighted with my surgery. It's unbelievable how much I can see today, one day after the surgery. I definetly would recommend my friends to have LASIK and especially with Dr. Santamaria. He is a great doctor!

Yoneyris P.

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We have an Optical Shop on premises in both our locations. We offer a large selection of eyeglasses, sunglasses, sports and designer eyewear, as well as the latest in lens technology.


Perfecting Your Vision with Lasik

Customized laser vision correction with the safest, state of the art technology, tailored to you! It’s quick, safe, blade-less, all-laser LASIK! Find more information on the LASIK procedure.

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At Santamaria Eye Center we have been providing eye care services since 1978. We consider our patients part of our family and strive to offer quality eye care to all our patients. Our doctors offer laser vision correction, cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, retinal disease management (diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration), contact lenses, optical shop. We are pleased that you have visited our website and hope you will come visit our office as well. We welcome new patients and invite you to read more about the ways in which we can serve you.


We are committed to bringing our patients excellence in eye care. We specialize in detecting and treating diseases of the eye and use the latest technology and techniques.


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Dr. Santamaria was very patient and comforting during the entire process. I was reassured multiple times that my eyes were healthy enough for LASIK. During the procedure, he and his assistant made sure I was comfortable and made the process painless. I have had no issues since the surgery and wouldn't think twice about recommending Dr. Santamaria!

Suvojit C.

Surgery was amazing. Colors are bright and vivid. Everything is sharp. White is white, not off-white. Could not see like this with glasses I have worn for 67 years. Thank you, Dr. Santamaria and God bless you.

Arne I.

My eyes were getting worse every year. Being a diabetic, I was even more afraid. Even with the new glasses, I couldn't see signs or drive-up menus. I decided: ``The heck with these vision center places. I'm going for a good check up to Dr. Santamaria``. I have Medicare now, but thought he was only a surgeon. Praise God - it was the best move I made. He and his wonderful staff diagnosed a cataract in each eye. Why wasn't it seen before? I went every year for a check up. I now see better than I EVER did. I don't need my glasses. Driving is wonderful. I can read the scores on TV - It's a whole new world. I am so happy and so grateful to Dr. Santamaria and his staff! On top of their expertise, his staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and will answer any questions and concerns! Thank you again.

Victoria S.