What is LASIK?

Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis, or LASIK, is the most popular form of laser vision correction. LASIK corrects vision by removing tissue from the inner cornea. It is done by making a flap in the cornea and then reshaping the inner tissue. This provides a quicker return of functional vision and less discomfort after surgery.


There are new advances in LASIK. There is VISX® CustomVue Individualized Vision Correction which is setting a new standard for laser vision correction.


What is CustomVue LASIK?

CustomVue LASIK is just like a fingerprint. It can measure and correct the unique imperfections of each individual’s vision and give them more potential for better vision than is possible with glasses or contact lenses. Before recent advancements in technology, doctors were only able to use standard measurements to correct vision, which means that the prescriptions could only provide a certain level of correction regardless of the individual’s needs.


The CustomVue LASIK uses the Wavescan™ techonology. Wavescan-based technology was originally developed to use in high-powered telescopes to help reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space. So by using this techonlogy for LASIK, your doctor can detect and measure the optical distortions unique to your optical system.


The Wavescan system compares the refracted wavefront with the original unaltered wavefronts, and this produces a fingerpront of your vision, or Waveprintâ„¢ map. This information is then transferred to the VISX Excimer laser and used as a guide to reshape the cornea during your laser vision treatment.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for LASIK?

The majority of patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are potential candidates for LASIK. Ideal candidates must be 21 years of age or older, have a stable prescription for at least one year, have healthy corneas, no cataracts and no retinal problems. Furthermore, the best candidates are people with a lifestyle or occupation in which they are dissatisfied with their contact lenses or glasses. An evaluation performed by the ophthalmologist will determine if you are a good LASIK candidate.

How long will the correction of the LASIK procedure last?

Probably for the rest of your life. Following an initial healing period of two to three months, the effect of the treatment is lifelong, since the cornea is a very stable tissue. Medical experience shows that once the cornea has been modified, it tends to stay modified permanently. There are other diseases which may develop unrelated to LASIK, however, which may change the prescription, such as cataracts, etc. Also, reading glasses may be needed on patients after the age of 40.

Does LASIK hurt?

No. The LASIK treatment itself is painless because we put a few numbing drops in your eyes to make you even more comfortable. you will feel pressure on and around the eye durign treatment, but only for a few seconds. With LASIK, some patients may experience a feeling of “something in the eye” for a day or so after treatment.

Will I experience pain after the LASIK treatment?

Some patients experience a feeling of burning or scratchiness generally from one to three hours following the LASIK treatment. Most people feel fine if they can take a nap soon after treatment. Patients will be light sensitive immediately after surgery. Some patients may develop a dry eye syndrome after surgery which usually lasts a short period of time.

How long does LASIK take?

The entire treatment takes about 10 minutes per eye or approximately 20 minutes for both eyes.

How soon after surgery will I see well?

Each patient is different. The eye drop medication can cause some blurring, but most patients notice a dramatic improvement even as they leave the surgery center. Most patients can pass a driving test without glasses or contact lenses after the treatment.

When can I drive?

You should not drive the day of treatment. After that, you may drive when you feel confident that your visual acuity and eye comfort allow you to drive safely. Most patients can drive the next day if they feel comfortable about it.

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Dr. Santamaria was very patient and comforting during the entire process. I was reassured multiple times that my eyes were healthy enough for LASIK. During the procedure, he and his assistant made sure I was comfortable and made the process painless. I have had no issues since the surgery and wouldn't think twice about recommending Dr. Santamaria!

Suvojit C.

Surgery was amazing. Colors are bright and vivid. Everything is sharp. White is white, not off-white. Could not see like this with glasses I have worn for 67 years. Thank you, Dr. Santamaria and God bless you.

Arne I.

My eyes were getting worse every year. Being a diabetic, I was even more afraid. Even with the new glasses, I couldn't see signs or drive-up menus. I decided: ``The heck with these vision center places. I'm going for a good check up to Dr. Santamaria``. I have Medicare now, but thought he was only a surgeon. Praise God - it was the best move I made. He and his wonderful staff diagnosed a cataract in each eye. Why wasn't it seen before? I went every year for a check up. I now see better than I EVER did. I don't need my glasses. Driving is wonderful. I can read the scores on TV - It's a whole new world. I am so happy and so grateful to Dr. Santamaria and his staff! On top of their expertise, his staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and will answer any questions and concerns! Thank you again.

Victoria S.

For the first time in 71 years I am now able to see without glasses thanks to the doctors and staff of the Santamaria Eye Center. They explained every aspect of the operation step by step, and made sure I understood. I felt relaxed and confident. I had 2 operations and each time I received the same excellent care by the most skilled, efficient doctors and staff possible. I would recommend the Santamaria Eye Center to anyone wanting the best Eye Care by the best team of doctors and staff available today. Thank you.

Vernon B.