Contact Lens Exams & Fittings in Edison & Perth Amboy

Creating Custom Vision Solutions

Contact lenses are an ideal way to attain the vision correction you need without relying on eyeglasses. Ensuring contact lenses fit on the eye surface is crucial to ensuring that vision correction is effective so you can go about your life with clear and comfortable vision.

Is Wearing Contact Lenses Healthy?

As long as you understand and follow guidance on using and caring for contact lenses in everyday use, contact lenses are a healthy vision correction option. Improper care or use can increase the wearer’s risk of developing an eye infection or other eye surface problems like corneal abrasions.

Are Contact Lenses Better or Glasses?

There is no right or wrong answer because it’s all about preference. Our team will consult with you on the ideal vision correction option to meet your distinct needs.

Can I Wash My Face With Contact Lenses In?

No, you shouldn’t wash your face while wearing contact lenses. Water can introduce bacteria and increase your risk of infection or eye surface damage.

Who Cannot Wear Contacts?

People with unique prescriptions may not find contact lenses as effective as other vision correction solutions like eyeglasses. Others may find contact lenses uncomfortable; however, several specialty contact lens options are available to find the ideal fit for a wide variety of people.

Can You Sleep With Contacts In?

Sleeping with contact lenses increases your risk of eye infections and corneal damage. Sleeping with contact lenses can lead to a condition called keratitis, which inflames the cornea and can lead to eye pain and blurry vision.

Is It Okay To Wear Contact Lenses Every Day?

As long as you follow proper care advice, like carefully cleaning and caring for both the lenses and your contact case, you should be able to wear contact lenses every day. Daily disposable contact lenses are also available. Daily disposables let you switch lenses each day for a fresh new set so you can feel confident your lenses are clean each day.

What Are Scleral Contact Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses are larger in diameter than standard lenses. Instead of sitting on the cornea, scleral lenses sit on the white part of the eye called the sclera. Scleral lenses are an ideal solution for those with irregularly-shaped corneas, hard-to-fit eyes, or dry eye disease.

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Dr. Santamaria was very patient and comforting during the entire process. I was reassured multiple times that my eyes were healthy enough for LASIK. During the procedure, he and his assistant made sure I was comfortable and made the process painless. I have had no issues since the surgery and wouldn't think twice about recommending Dr. Santamaria!

Suvojit C.

Surgery was amazing. Colors are bright and vivid. Everything is sharp. White is white, not off-white. Could not see like this with glasses I have worn for 67 years. Thank you, Dr. Santamaria and God bless you.

Arne I.

My eyes were getting worse every year. Being a diabetic, I was even more afraid. Even with the new glasses, I couldn't see signs or drive-up menus. I decided: ``The heck with these vision center places. I'm going for a good check up to Dr. Santamaria``. I have Medicare now, but thought he was only a surgeon. Praise God - it was the best move I made. He and his wonderful staff diagnosed a cataract in each eye. Why wasn't it seen before? I went every year for a check up. I now see better than I EVER did. I don't need my glasses. Driving is wonderful. I can read the scores on TV - It's a whole new world. I am so happy and so grateful to Dr. Santamaria and his staff! On top of their expertise, his staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and will answer any questions and concerns! Thank you again.

Victoria S.

For the first time in 71 years I am now able to see without glasses thanks to the doctors and staff of the Santamaria Eye Center. They explained every aspect of the operation step by step, and made sure I understood. I felt relaxed and confident. I had 2 operations and each time I received the same excellent care by the most skilled, efficient doctors and staff possible. I would recommend the Santamaria Eye Center to anyone wanting the best Eye Care by the best team of doctors and staff available today. Thank you.

Vernon B.