Children’s Eye Exams in Edison & Perth Amboy

Helping Your Child See the World

Taking care of your child’s eyesight and health is crucial to their growth. Seeing clearly helps them focus and enjoy what they’re doing as they go through school and learn through play. We ensure your child has a fulfilling experience by explaining every step of the exam and helping them discover new insights about their eyes.

What Age Should a Child Get Their Eyes Checked?

Children should get their eyes examined at least once when they are 6–12 months old. After that, the American Association of Optometrists recommends one exam between the ages of 3 and 5 before continuing with annual eye exams starting at age 6.

How Often Should Kids Have an Eye Exam?

The American Association of Optometrists recommends children get their eyes checked at least once a year from the time they are 6 until they turn 18.

Do They Check Babies’ Eyes at Birth?

Since children develop visual abilities as they grow from birth, it’s typically not necessary to examine their eyes straight away. After 6–12 months, we can get more helpful insight into their vision, so the eye exam is more effective.

Does My Child Have Eye Problems?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if your child is experiencing eye problems, so knowing the signs can be helpful. If your child has frequent headaches or sits closer to the TV to see what’s on, they may have a refractive error. Head tilting is a sign of lazy eye, also called amblyopia. Other signs include frequent eye rubbing and dilated or large pupils.

Do Kids Get Their Eyes Dilated?

Eye dilation helps us examine the inner structures of the eye. Getting this inside look at your child’s eyes helps us diagnose eye problems like inflammation and lazy eye. Children’s eyes can remain dilated for 4–24 hours after their eye exam.

What Can I Expect from an Eye Exam for a Child?

The eye exam process can vary based on your child’s age and unique needs. In general, we examine whether their eyes are healthy and free from any irregularities. This includes measuring their vision to determine if they need prescription glasses to correct conditions like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

What Is Good for Kids’ Vision?

Your child can benefit from playing games that increase hand-eye coordination and assist in developing eye tracking. Games like catch, playing peekaboo, patty-cake, and outdoor play are all crucial to your child’s visual development. Limiting screen time can also reduce your child’s risk of developing digital eye strain, which could lead to conditions such as myopia.

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Dr. Santamaria was very patient and comforting during the entire process. I was reassured multiple times that my eyes were healthy enough for LASIK. During the procedure, he and his assistant made sure I was comfortable and made the process painless. I have had no issues since the surgery and wouldn't think twice about recommending Dr. Santamaria!

Suvojit C.

Surgery was amazing. Colors are bright and vivid. Everything is sharp. White is white, not off-white. Could not see like this with glasses I have worn for 67 years. Thank you, Dr. Santamaria and God bless you.

Arne I.

My eyes were getting worse every year. Being a diabetic, I was even more afraid. Even with the new glasses, I couldn't see signs or drive-up menus. I decided: ``The heck with these vision center places. I'm going for a good check up to Dr. Santamaria``. I have Medicare now, but thought he was only a surgeon. Praise God - it was the best move I made. He and his wonderful staff diagnosed a cataract in each eye. Why wasn't it seen before? I went every year for a check up. I now see better than I EVER did. I don't need my glasses. Driving is wonderful. I can read the scores on TV - It's a whole new world. I am so happy and so grateful to Dr. Santamaria and his staff! On top of their expertise, his staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and will answer any questions and concerns! Thank you again.

Victoria S.

For the first time in 71 years I am now able to see without glasses thanks to the doctors and staff of the Santamaria Eye Center. They explained every aspect of the operation step by step, and made sure I understood. I felt relaxed and confident. I had 2 operations and each time I received the same excellent care by the most skilled, efficient doctors and staff possible. I would recommend the Santamaria Eye Center to anyone wanting the best Eye Care by the best team of doctors and staff available today. Thank you.

Vernon B.